Enduring Power of Attorney – Who Needs One ?

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Simple - EVERYONE needs a Power of Attorney

It's one of those things no one wants to think about - but ask yourself: what if you suffered an injury or illness that prevented you from being able to make your choices known ...

Who would manage your finances, who would make decisions about your medical treatment?

What is it ?

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is an important legal document that you prepare, to enable someone else to make decisions about your finances, healthcare and other matters - if you are unable to.

How to Prepare a Power of Attorney

You can prepare one yourself, the forms are all available online. However it might be best to seek help from the many professionals who can assist you - The Public Trustee, Solicitor, Financial Planner and many more. The forms to complete are available at some newsagents, government bookshops, and The Public Trustee.

Who do you appoint?

Your 'attorney' can be any person you trust - a family member, friend, associate, it is simply the person or persons you trust to make decisions for you. You can also appoint more than one person. They need to be over the age of 18, and not a paid carer. Be careful about who you choose - as that person will have considerable power over your assets, your healthcare and where you live.

Why should I bother?

Whilst we all like to think we are infallable, the reality is bad things happen to good people - every day. Sadly debilitating injuries and illnesses are all too common. Whilst you might be thinking some one will sort out the decisions for you if this happens, spare a thought for the people that care about you. I have seen lives thrown into chaos when a loved one is injured or ill, can't make their own decisions and does not have an EPA in place. It is a considerable stress on your family or loved ones if they are left in the position of trying to organize your affairs whilst you are unable to.

So there's no excuse, now you have the facts why not take the time to prepare your Enduring Power of Attorney - then you can relax knowing that if needed someone will be there to act in your best interests.

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