Questions to Ask Prospective Home Care Providers

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Finding your way around the Aged Care system to organise a Home Care Package can be daunting. It will save time if you have a general understanding of the steps involved. Here's a few hints and tips, set out in steps as how to's and explanations of common terms that might help!

Step 1 - The ACAT assessment

If you are over 65 and wanting to access government subsidised services, you will need to be assessed and approved for the type of services you need. The ACAT team will do an in-home assessment and 'approve' you for various support services. To register for an assessment, contact the My Aged Care team on 1800 200 422.

Step 2 - The Wait

You may be approved for a Home Care Package (Levels 1 - 4 ), however even though you are accepted for a package - it doesn't mean one has been assigned to you. Most of the time you need to wait for a package to be available to you.

Step 3 - Services Available While You Wait

Sometimes if you have to wait for a package, the government allows you to access some general services through the CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program).

You will receive a number of 'referral codes' - these magic numbers are what the providers need to get you started with some services.

IF you have the codes for these services - make sure that when you call providers to book services that you let them know they are CHSP codes NOT Home Care Package codes.

** Not all companies can provide CHSP services - so advising them when you call that you are looking for these specific services may save you some time!

Step 4 - The Home Care Package

You will receive a letter to let you know that a Package is now available to you, and the date by which you need to enter into an agreement with a provider and get started.

Now all you need to do is compare providers and choose one! Make sure you do your research to find the best provider for you-you can begin this process while you are at step 2 or 3 - that way once your package is allocated you already have a provider in mind.

If you'd like more information about the aged care system or your particular situation, contact us here to book a Free one on one consultation with a real expert, not someone in a call centre. Because we are offering real advice we do need you to elect a time for a call back.

While we are not able to assist with CHSP services, we are an approved provider for Home Care Packages and are confident you will find our fees and the level of service we provide - very competitive.

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