The ‘unmentionables’ to mention in your NDIS Planning

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These are now underway here on the Sunshine Coast, so this is just a last minute - but critical reminder to remember the little things in your plan, those things that most people don't want to talk about.

By little I'm talking about the things that you may have overlooked but can add up to a significant amount in your NDIS plan. Have you given enough thought to some items that you currently access through MASS - (Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme) but once you have your NDIS plan will be paid for out of your budget?

I'm talking specifically about

  • Gloves (that your staff will need when supporting you)
  • Hygiene wipes
  • Incontinence aids (pads / urinals)
  • Protective sheeting/covers for your bed
  • Catheters (if you use them), drainage bags

If you receive these items through MASS currently - keep in mind that the cost will be a higher dollar value under the NDIS, as these items will be 'market price' not the government subsidised rate that they are presently available through MASS.

It may pay to have an incontinence assessment before your planning meeting OR add the cost of an assessment into your NDIS plan, and make it a regular cost - once a year is a good average.

Remember that under the MASS system you are allocated a set number of items - but your need may be more significant - so work out how much you need of each ‘item’ and add in some extra in case of a 'rainy day'. Do some research!

Check out some suppliers online and get some costs on the items that will be covered under your NDIS plan.

And lastly - if you currently receive a government CAPS payment to assist with purchasing medical supplies - remember that under the NDIS this payment will not occur - as the cost of all your supplies should be covered under your new NDIS plan.

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